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As has been expressed by just about everyone, we’re living in unprecedented times. As such, there are certainly more important things to do right now than assessing your approach to marketing. Do the 5. Reach out to an elderly neighbor. Take a moment to ensure you’re set up for success in your new WFH setup. Get a few breaths of fresh air. Then let’s think about how to tackle the changes in the advertising space

Understanding consumer behavior is imperative to find success in advertising. Typically, we can study consumer behavior over time and spot trends that emerge over years. So what happens when changes happen overnight? 

As the U.S. and countries around the world adopt a temporary new normal to curb the spread of the coronavirus, here’s how we expect the online video advertising space to be impacted by rapidly changing consumer behavior both in the short term and permanently. 

Immediate spikes in TV viewership will flatten and decline as users shift to online video

Last week, Nielsen reported increases in total TV viewership (TV, DVR, VOD, Streaming) in areas heavily affected by C-19. With more time at home, this is expected. But with produced shows being canceled or postponed and live sports, one of the main reasons to still have a linear TV subscription, at a standstill, we see more users shifting to streaming alternatives. As consumers question their decision to pay for linear TV…

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