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. It’s been a few days since this was posted and I cannot get my head around. Quichua-Uyghur Dictionary is a post-graduate course in local languages, philosophy, religion, literature and culture of forty language groups. It is the second level course, given in the second year of the course. The course deals with language learning in the field of the Russian language, English language.
Temas y cultura de las pequeñas naciones del centro americano: vida en la tierra de los nativos americanos
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Lladríl The Battle Of The Five Kings (Battle of the Five Kings)

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html5 web audio api playback position jumps to end of audio file

I’m using the html5 audio API to play multiple clips (in.ogg format) on my website.
I’m using the start and end metadata to make sure the user gets only a few seconds of the whole audio track.
There’s one problem I’m having. When the user plays the first time, the actual playback position goes to the start of the audio file. It doesn’t jump to the correct position until after the first play, even if the user pauses.
My code is similar to this:
var audio = new Audio(‘music.ogg’);
audio.addEventListener(‘canplay’, onAudioStart, false);
audio.addEventListener(‘canplaythrough’, onAudioEnd, false);
audio.addEventListener(‘timeupdate’, onAudioTimeUpdate, false);;

And the onAudioStart and onAudioEnd functions look like this:
function onAudioStart()
var pos = audio.buffered.end(0);
audio.currentTime = 0;;

function onAudioEnd()

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