Star Rating Now Showing in Google Review Summary

In the world of local SEO, there’s always something new to keep your eye out for that could be a game-changer. This week, that news is that star ratings are now appearing in review snippet on Google My Business listings.

Spotted on Twitter by Tom Waddington on February 3rd, 2021, this change is yet another step from Google to bring online reviews front and center. 

What’s new with Google review summaries?

Previously, when a business’s Knowledge Panel was generated by a local search, Google would highlight potentially relevant keywords. For example, “great service” might be bolded for a restaurant.

Now, not only is a searcher presented with these highlighted keywords, but the accompanying star rating is shown too.  So, if someone left a review saying “great service” along with a 4-star rating, that’s what will be shown to the searcher.

Google has been placing more and more emphasis on reviews for a while now. Most recently, Google review summaries were updated, but it’s long been a feature achieving a lot of attention from Google. 

It makes sense that Google would be taking more strides to bring customer feedback to the fore in Google My Business given just how important reviews are to consumers. This latest change only supports the idea that reviews should be paid attention to.

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