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Sandy River Animal Center is located on 1100 Sandy River Dr. Johnston, SC. The Center is open from 10 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday, and 8:30 am to 5 pm on Saturday. (The weekend hours of the Center are subject to change throughout the year, as the hours of the sanctuary do.) The new Center is not open to the public until the dog rooms and quarantine area have been completed. For more information call (843) 424-4034.

About Sandy River Animal Center

Sandy River Animal Center in Johnston, South Carolina, was established in April, 1997, to house and care for the animals rescued from a Missouri Farm. The first year the animals were housed in the old dog house on the property, living in two-by-two foot cages. The need for a better living facility was quickly realized. Using the dog house as a foundation, a new building was constructed. Unfortunately, in this construction, the roof completely collapsed, damaging the sanctuary’s old dog house and the adjacent trainer’s dog house. Due to an extremely wet spring, damage to the dog shelter was extremely extensive. The shelter was required to be shut down for a few months until it could be repaired. It was one of those times when one would have to say, “Oh well, there’s always next year.” At that time, it was decided that the first major project for the Shelter would be to build a new canine hospital. Again, the need for a more permanent structure was quickly realized and the present facility was constructed.

At the time of Sandy River Animal Center’s construction, people were just beginning to feel concern about factory farming. These animals, treated so cruelly, needed a place to call home. While the shelter is owned and operated by the S.C. SPCA, the intent is for the animals to be forever. A sanctuary is more than just a building. It is more than just a place to house animals, it is a home for the animals. The sanctuary’s purpose is to provide homes, and a home cannot be made without love.
The donations, volunteers, and events help to fund the Center, but the heart and soul of the Sanctuary is the dedicated and loving volunteers. Without them, the animals would have no one to keep them warm when it’s cold outside, no one to feed and groom them when their coat is matted, no one to make sure they are socialized and become familiar with members of the shelter, and no one

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Chaitanya Charitamrita – The Romance of God Incarnate

Chaitanya Charitamrita is one of the most widely-read and well-loved books of the Indian religious tradition. You’re almost certain to have read it at some point in your life – or to be at least familiar with the basic outlines of the story and the themes of the text.

This month, we go into detail about some aspects of the story, and look at the tale of Chaitanya.

Chaitanya Charitamrita – The Complete Text with Readings and Translations

The Romance of Chaitanya

The story of Chaitanya may seem very far away from the world in which we all live and work, but there are points about it that may prove useful to us here. It is not hard to see how it may be helpful to us.

The story of Chaitanya is closely related to the Bhaktivedanta movement and is mainly told in the language of the Bhaktivedanta Purana, or the ‘thousand names of Krishna’. The use of this language increases the importance and relevance of this story to the followers of Krishna Consciousness.

Chaitanya is not the only incarnation of God who exists in the religious texts of different traditions, but he is one of the most beloved and well-loved of them all.

Chaitanya Charitamrita – The Story of God Incarnate

The story of Chaitanya begins with the writer telling us that the Lord of Sridhara – Jesus Christ – is the last incarnation of God. He is also the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and, in the final revelation to humanity, has appeared in human form to teach this consciousness of God.

Jesus is the manifestation of the ultimate Truth, but this Truth is much greater than he. He is a guide to this consciousness and a teacher, but he is not the final revelation.

We are told that in the past all the major religious traditions of India included God in human form. Many of them had existed for many hundreds of years, with some being many