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Instead, we’re getting a whole new defensive scheme. The same scheme.

So much for the Big Ten talking about the old Ohio State.

The Buckeyes are getting a new coordinator, safety coach, defensive line coach, linebacker coach and even the man who brings the ball to the line of scrimmage.

This week, Urban Meyer was announced as the new head coach at Florida, a job he’s coming from the University of Ohio. That may seem strange, but it actually was expected. So if it’s not Buckeye, who is it?

Is this all part of the Big Ten’s plan to destroy the Big Ten South?

And how did this happen?

The Florida story: Meyer was fired by Ohio State after four seasons last week. He was their head coach for 10 years. He’s 40-22 in his career. He has won at least one national title. He’s won more bowl games than you can count, and he just took his alma mater to the College Football Playoff.

There is a reason to believe that Florida would have a hard time doing any of those things without Meyer.

But after he was fired by Ohio State, all that changed. Florida athletic director Scott Stricklin is up to his old tricks. Two days before the AD’s announcement that Meyer was out, Stricklin added “Urban Meyer” to the official job descriptions of both Meyer’s assistants.

“I’m not going to get into the rumor mill,” Stricklin said.

And he should not. Florida is a good job

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