Yep, the rumors are true. 

Paid advertising is about to change in a big way.

With Apple’s latest iOS update, iPhone users will be able to opt-out of tracking on apps. (Heck, they’re invited to opt out.) Assuming that most folks will choose to keep their data private, these people will essentially become ghosts when it comes to paid campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

Okay, just breathe. Woosah. Count to 10.

You’re gonna be just fine. Your campaigns are gonna be just fine.

We reached out to digital advertising experts for a clearcut rundown of the what, why, and how behind the update—paired, we’d hoped anyway, with foolproof solutions to help you get ahead of it. Instead, we found an amazingly broad range of insights that goes even further than this one solitary update. 

We’re talking about far-reaching privacy trends that may have you rethinking traditional PPC models. 

But first, let’s kick-off with the basics:

How the iOS Update Will Affect Facebook (+ Most Other Apps)

Internet privacy has become a major topic of discussion over the last few years, especially when it comes to players like Facebook and Google. Remember the Cambridge Analytica fiasco? (Who can forget?) Yeah, using personal data to spread misinformation for political campaigns is an unpopular (or, ahem, evil and illegal) move.

And the thing is, we’ve only just begun to see the repercussions. 

In theory, the latest update to iOS is a move from Apple to put users in control of how…

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