Google Algorithm Update

Over the past couple of days, maybe starting around July 6th but continuing on through today, July 8th – I am seeing some signs of a Google search ranking algorithm update. The chatter is there but it is more limited, maybe only impacting a smaller group of sites or a smaller niche. The tools, most are not showing much but SEMRush is showing a blip.

The last unconfirmed but larger update was around June 23rd that seemed to have a big say in governmental sites. Again, that is still not confirmed.

But now, I am seeing new chatter at both WebmasterWorld and Black Hat World, and social media, of a possible update. Again, this chatter seems to be limited. Here are some quotes from the threads:

Massive drop in search traffic for this month according to analytics and GSC. Whatever Google’s broken update is, it’s doing a fine job at screwing people up.

Can confirm small movement on 6th July.

Yep, there’s been quite a substantial movement in my widget sector. In their US .com SERPs, all the usual preferiti are back where they were before the May update with all but one non-US company gone from the top 20 however Pinterest seems to have also gone for the moment.

6th july was terrible. Today is even worse.

Education sector~

Seems like something else is brewing for Google, all my competitors are getting hit as well.

Looking like a change in traffic today. Bounce rate has shot up with no change in rankings. Familiar signs that something is up.

Paint me white and call me crazy but I…

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