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import org.junit.Assert;
import org.junit.Test;

import com.creditease.dbus.framework.service.TenantStoreService;

public class TenantStoreServiceTest {
public void testTenantStore() {
TenantStoreService service = new TenantStoreService();

String name = service.createTenantStore(“test”,”my_db”);

Assert.assertTrue(name.length() > 0);

String tenantId = service.getTenantIdByName(name);

Assert.assertTrue(tenantId.length() > 0);

TenantStoreService service2 = new TenantStoreService();
name = service2.createTenantStore(“test”,”my_db”);

Assert.assertTrue(name.length() > 0);
Assert.assertTrue(service2.getTenantIdByName(name).length() > 0);

String tenantId2 = service2.getTenantIdByName(name);

Assert.assertTrue(tenantId.length() > 0);

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