You’ve done all the hard work, and your Google Merchant Center has no errors or disapprovals but you still find that many of your products are just not showing in your advertising efforts. This can be commonplace, especially for those retailers that have hundreds, if not 1000’s of products that they are wanting to showcase on the Google Shopping network. 

Do you just throw more budget at it and hope? Even if you 2x, 3x, or more on your budget, this will not translate to showing 2-3x more of your products, especially if Google has “dialed in” on those products that are consistently converting and meeting your campaign goals.

What about creating a new campaign, just for products that have received 0 clicks? For those that have many products that are not getting any attention, this is an opportunity to have a dedicated campaign that is solely biased towards your products that have had zero clicks, get more awareness, and ultimately, more sales. 

Depending on the amount of traffic you generate through Google Ads, and with so many products to showcase, manually trying to do this on an ongoing basis could potentially come with headaches. How often do I check the products? What timeframe should I run this for? How do I separate the products again for those that are getting clicks? When are you going to find the time to do that?

Committing to doing this manually is a brave move, especially for stores with a high number of products, and could…

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