Should You Fight for Featured Snippets in 2020?

Since Google introduced featured snippets in 2014, “position zero” has been considered one of the most coveted spots in SERPs. 

Featured snippets allowed websites to vie for extra traffic by appearing both at the top of organic search results and again in the top 10 results. 

Or that was the case, until Google rolled out a deduplication update on January 22, 2020, ending the era of featured snippets as so-called “position zero”. 

In an attempt to declutter SERPs and improve user experience, Google now won’t surface the same URL twice on page one. The first page of search results will show a featured snippet plus nine search results (instead of 10), and the featured snippet’s URL won’t reappear on page one. 

Given that featured snippets receive around 8.6% of all clicks, while 19.6% of clicks go to the first search results beneath it, many webmasters and SEOs aren’t happy with the update and have actively discussed the option of opting out altogether using Google’s nosnippet tag.

Post-update, it may seem like featured snippets’ once-powerful ability to impact CTR and gain extra brand visibility is all but a memory now.

But is that really the case? 

Let’s take a look back to see how featured snippets have transformed over the past few years and try to understand whether they are still worth fighting for in 2020. 

The evolution of featured snippets

From the get-go, featured snippets were introduced to better serve users who rely…

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