SEOs: Do You Suffer From “Imposter Syndrome”?


This week, I wanted to talk about imposter syndrome in the SEO world. 

“Imposters” are people who feel like a fake; people who may be doing their job just fine but feel like, at some point, they’re going to be ‘found out’ as a fraud or as someone who shouldn’t hold their position.

I first experienced imposter syndrome when my (amazing) teammates congratulated me during my first month at LSG. They said I was doing a great job with SEO, but I felt like I was just doing…my job, not going above and beyond in a way that warranted praise. “Surely,” I thought, “I’m getting away with something. It’s only a matter of time before I’m found out as mediocre.” And yet… I wasn’t. Two years running!

Imposter syndrome is common among people who are new to their jobs, but you’d be shocked at how prevalent it is even among people who are “experts” or have been doing SEO for years. Here are a few experiences some of my co-workers have had with imposter syndrome:

Interview 1: Tessa Voecks, Director of Project Management

When did you start experiencing imposter syndrome?

T: “I’m a perfectionist and have a ton of anxiety, so I think part of imposter syndrome will always be part of me. I just never feel good enough no matter what I do, or I reach a goal or get close to reaching a goal and then one up the goal…so I never really reach my goal…It’s not healthy.

I think it…

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