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When it comes to SEO, tactics can vary depending on what you are looking to get out of it.  Are you looking to promote your brand? That generally requires a harder focus on dominating the search results and getting many search features to back you or your brand as an entity.  Are you an affiliate marketer? Then your SEO will be driven by keyword rankings and conversions. 

What if you are working for a large corporation that requires multiple levels of approvals and authorizations before you or your SEO team can make a simple change like a title tag or footer link? These are all types of challenges faced by SEOs today, yet often the approach to handling each can be completely different.

The 5 Hours of SEO webinar by SEMrush discussed looking at SEO from different perspectives and marketing angles, such as for branding, for affiliate marketing, and those unique challenges of SEO for large corporations.

SEO Strategy: How to Build SEO Campaigns like a Management Consultant

You can watch this presentation here.

For anyone who has worked with large brands or corporate clients, you know how even doing something as simple as changing a title tag can require approval from multiple teams or groups within that corporation. This makes SEO more challenging because technical SEO issues and changes usually cannot happen quickly or on the fly due to requirements for teams to sign off on changes.

Ross Tavendale is looking at this specifically, and how SEOs can work well in these…

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