SEO Content Writing should be at the cornerstone of your content marketing efforts. In this video, we cover the Top 5 tips and strategies to lay a rock solid foundation.

Front page rankings within the search engines is one of the most sort after goals for webmasters and marketing directors across every single industry. In particular, competitive industries such as Forex, Contracts for Difference, Finance, Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF), trading, stock market & financial planning mean it is even more important to get your SEO spot on from the beginning.

I will break this video up into the 5 key factors you need to focus on, which are:
Writing for human consumption, not spider
On page factors
Internal and external links and finally
distribution and promotion.

Number 1 is keyword research. You need to know what you are looking to rank for and what your ideal target market is seeking answers to.

Number 2 is to ensure you write quality content that is focused on addressing the key pain points of your target market. You are never writing for search engines, but instead, focus on writing authority content answering the most pressing issues and concerns of your market.

Number 3 is on page factors. These are your meta tags including your title, description and keywords. Put your main keyword in the title and likewise for your description but use your description as a way to motivate people to click through to your content from the search engine.

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