SEO is changing quite a lot in 2021. Google has already made some big announcements for the year to come and we take a close look at what is changing.

We dive into authority and branding for your site and how you can stand out to Google as a serious site that they need to rank among the best sites.

We also look at the Mobile First update for March 2021 and the Page Experience update for May 2021. It’s an exciting year with lots of new stuff that we have seen coming for quite some time.

We also talk about Schema markup and organic linkbuilding as well as how to create the best possible content with a team of writers. I share some tips on how to ensure that your content is factually correct and how to make sure it will meet the criteria from the quality raters.

The quality rater guidelines are getting updated and it shows us a bit about what’s new in Google’s algorithms and what they focus on for SEO moving forward.

The YMYL video I mention:

0:00 Introduction
0:50 #1 ranking factor for 2021
2:20 My SEO prediction for 2021
7:18 Better content for 2021
7:44 Build a brand for your site
8:37 Changes to Google’s Quality Rater guidelines
11:08 SEO tools I don’t use
13:20 Join my course
14:09 New stuff Google announced for 2021
17:13 Google’s Page Experience update for May 2021
19:40 Core Web Vitals
21:06 Safety on your site
22:08 Death of the pop-ups for mobile
22:51 Google tools to help us fix the “Page Experience” stuff
24:57 Links and backlinks in 2021
31:01 Google rolling back Schema a little bit
32:04 Passage-based rankings

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