It can be said that the best traffic a website can obtain of them all is organic. It’s the healthiest traffic source for a number of reasons:

  • It’s generally free (just the time/potential cost of writing the content)
  • It’s long term, potentially forever, if evergreen content
  • It generally brings in lots of new visitors

Search engine optimization, therefore, goes a long way in making a site successful. With this, for those that want to eek out and streamline their efforts with SEO, it is a very good idea to pay for an SEO tool to maximize such potential.

The main three biggest contenders are SEMRush, Moz, and Ahrefs. In this article, I’ll be looking at SEMRush and Ahref, to help decide, if between the two, which should you go for.

It is noted that I have not used all of the potentials of both services, and some of my findings come down to preferred user experience and visuals. Ultimately, this is important if you are to use the tool on a daily basis.


SEMRush USPs against Ahrefs

  • Site Audit – of all the SEO tools, SEMRush provides one of the audits for a website. SEMRush allows a user to choose the crawling robot to crawl a website, providing information, errors, warnings, and more about the website, for the owner of the website to fix. Typically, every website will have some sort of things to fix to improve SEO, with SEMRush being able to find it.
  • Organic research > Position Changes – this is an extremely useful and visual way to see how the rankings of a…

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