As an owner of a content mill website, an important area of the website comes with search engine optimization – making sure every page on the website is as optimized for SEO as possible. This is something that can be done pretty efficiently with the likes of Yoast (most consider to be the best SEO plugin for WordPress). This, coupled with Google Webmasters Search Console, and most people are onto a winning strategy.

However, if you want to dive into the deep analytics of your website’s SEO, then Google Webmasters Search Console, by itself, is not enough. From attending a recent publisher event, it came to my attention that the likes of SEMRush can provide a level of SEO most publishers did not realize was possible. With this, here are some of the features of platforms such as SEMRush that might tempt you to paying for a subscription service to a SEO analysis provider. Here is what I found to be the most useful features.


This is by no means a sponsored article, or even a review of SEMRush – after giving them a go, I thought to include some of my opinions as to the features I found to be useful for website owners.


SEO Auditing of Site

One of the best features of SEMRush, in my opinion, comes with the site audit that they can do for a website. In one click of a button, SEMRush can crawl your complete website, providing an analysis that is so indepth that it will scare you just how inefficiently your website has been running.

From seeing this service in use, I see…

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