Sam Michelson

In part one, we spoke about who Sam Michelson is and his business development techniques. In part two, we dove into CRM software and how they use it, including looking at a new piece of software for partner management. Then in part three, we go into pricing your services, and in part four, we talk about human resources. In part five, we talk about Google algorithm updates, and now we talk more about search intent and features.

People often think about their online reputation as what information they want to put out, but they shouldn’t. But there are search features like people also ask and the things Google shows there you need to be on top of. So they analyze a lot of the results coming back from people also ask and other features.

They looked at this data to map the intent for searchers around their client queries. They can find patterns where articles from Bloomberg would replace Forbes articles. We also mentioned Google Q&A in Google Local. There is also Google Search Console for data and much more. He looks at the knowledge panel, featured snippets, other search features by harvesting Google Search.

We also briefly spoke about Google Discover ORM.

For more on Sam Michelson, visit Five Blocks and find him on LinkedIn.

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