Email Still Top B2B Channel, Study Finds 12/18/2019

B2B brands face major hurdles, not least of which is a split between sales and marketing over which channels work best, according to the State Of Predictable Revenue Growth, a study by 6Sense and
Heinz Marketing.

Marketing teams value content, inbound marketing, website personalization and targeted display ads, while sales lean toward events, nurture emails and cold calls. Of the
successful firms polled, 42% lack consensus on this issue. 

And it’s a critical issue because few of the surveyed companies are hitting their revenue goals. Furthermore, mass emails
no longer seem to work.

“Only 12% of account-driven organizations and 16% of all organizations view MAP-generated mass emailsas valuable in generating demand,” the study

It adds thatMAP-automated nurture emails also deliver low value, with only 18% of all organizations and account-driven organizations reporting that “nurture emails are
valuable in generating demand.”



In general, there are four obstacles that get in the way of predictable revenue generation, the study notes:

  • The misalignment of
    sales and marketing 
    — Sales and marketing teams utilize different data sets and tech platforms. The result: misaligned metrics. And there is little cross-functional
  • Insufficient demand generation — Only 48% of brands can deliver personalized content, and fewer — at 45% — have a content hub on their
    website. Moreover, 53% continue to gate their content, although 70% of…

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