Salam Panja (Dactylorhiza Hatagirea) is an herbal extract which withholds itself the secrets of youthfulness, vigor and vitality. These are basically roots of an herb called tuberous, also known hatajari or Marsh Orchid.

Tuberous roots have historically been used for headaches, cough, cold and healing wounds. These act as a tonic, and when pulverized and added with water are directly applied on wounds to facilitating healing. Alternately these are even consumed with milk or honey to facilitate healing of wounds.

Vastly cultured in Himanchal, Uttaranchal, Sikkim and Arunanchal Pradesh, tuberous roots are high in mucilage and starch.

For rendering energy for one's everyday being, Salam Panja is matchless. The root extracts are aqueous and have a tremendous anabolic effect on the body. Its aphrodisiacal properties are scientifically known and this has been used in Unani and Ayurvedic systems of medications since historical times. This works effectively to infuse vigor and vitality within one's everyday being.

Salam Panja can easily be listed as among the most powerful aphrodisiac herbal extracts for men, and allow men to get over a host of sexual dysfunctions and medical conditions. These include: –

o Getting over stress

o Ensuring better functioning of sex organs

o Letting one get over impotency

o A much improved frequency of erections

o Shorter delay in erection post ejaculation

o Resolution of issues like premature ejaculation

In particular for problems associated with a low libido, Salam Panja is known to be particularly useful. This increases sexual desire as stamina and strength are boosted. Similar Salam Panja extract builds a strong penile erection index and strengthens penile muscles. The herb also improves flow of blood to penile muscles to a great extent, and this allows one to get an improved and sustainable erections.

In the same way, tuberous roots have often considered to be one of the finest resolutions for nightfall or nocturnal emission, which is one of the problems which often bother men post 50 years of age. This is done with the production of nitric oxide in penile muscles to promote relaxation of smooth muscles.

For anyone facing issues like low sperm count or poor sperm motility, aqueous roots of Salam Panja can act as an elixir. And by facilitating an increase in motion, Salam Panja acts as one of the finest remedies for impotence.

In general, Salam Panja works towards inducing an libido, sexual vigor and sexual arousal in men and women alike.

Source by Harshad Jethra