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Google announced today that Responsive Search Ads (RSA’s) will become the new default ad type from the traditional Expanded Text Ads (ETA’s). To anyone that has been paying attention to the shifting search landscape this news should not be a surprise. All facets of the search industry are moving towards machine learning and away from manual management. While I am not in agreement with some of the changes, 3Q has found incredible success with RSA’s.

It’s been a long-standing 3Q best practice to feature at least one RSA within every ad group. This practice has led to increases in impressions and conversions. In some instances the RSA performance outperforms the traditional ETA’s. Below is an example of a B2B client where we have seen RSA’s outperform traditional ETA’s, and as a result, more budget and traffic were dedicated to our RSA ads.

This is just one example we’ve seen across the agency of strong RSA performance. At 3Q we are constantly looking at ways to innovate and disrupt the search landscape. With that in mind we are developing a proprietary future-looking RSA strategy that will drive maximum potential for our client’s campaigns. Some of the aspects of the strategy will include understanding the efficacy of RSA only campaigns as well as creating thematic RSA’s that will assist in gaining consumer insights. For more information about how this strategy can benefit your…

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