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I’ve gotten to the -simfsd.log- file (using notepad, not c:\\) but I don’t know what I’m supposed to look for in there. There’s no mention of the “mismatch” in there.
Anyone have an idea of how to fix this?


I found the problem (it was a stupid one). I wasn’t running Steam on the client PC but on the VPN Server, and I was allowing my VPN to connect through the client PC. In the meantime the Steam client had updated and since the connection was using the VPN, it was using a newer copy of the Rldorigin.dll than the one in the steam app folder. So when the sims 4 client tried to start up it attempted to load the old Rldorigin.dll and that failed so I got the error. Once I started the VPN on the client PC, Steam started up fine.

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I need to do a inline display of images in Magento 2.0 in a category/product page. I used below code for that..

But when clicking on the image the page doesn’t open.


Use this, its work