Published: September 2, 2021

Author: Shawn Grenald

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Responsive Search Ads: 3Q Digital’s New Approach

On August 31st, Google announced that Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) would be the only ad type that can be created or edited in standard search campaigns starting on June 30, 2022. When that happens, advertisers will no longer be able to edit or create Expanded Text Ads (ETAs). According to Google, ETAs will still serve, and you can still see performance reporting for these ad units, but they will be considered a legacy ad type.

Changes in the search engine marketing landscape have indicated this impending RSA change for a while. Google has been promoting the adoption of RSAs since they were introduced in June 2018. Earlier this year, the most recent step forward was when Google announced that RSAs would be the default ad type within standard search campaigns. This change also coincided with Google’s larger initiative of automating its full suite of products. As an example of this shift, algorithmic bidding is the gold standard for accounts, match types continue to evolve with Google encouraging wider utilization of Broad Match, Dynamic Search Ads have proven to be a successful strategy, and, as recently as last week, Google announced that Data-Driven Attribution is becoming the default attribution within Google Ads.

At 3Q Digital, we have been anticipating this announcement and have migrated to a robust RSA creative strategy. RSAs have been a valuable asset in our overall

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