Elder Scrolls Online has been completely transformed into an MMO.

Players will be able to create their own unique character and enter the game world in which you can freely customize their appearance and enjoy the game in a world that is full of variety.
As a result of having millions of players online, Elder Scrolls Online is a game that even people who are not fans of the Elder Scrolls series, can enjoy.
Elder Scrolls Online is scheduled to launch in 2016.
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Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is a free-to-play fantasy action massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by ZeniMax Online Studios. Players can choose from the three distinct races, each with their own set of skills, strengths, and abilities, and create a character to match their play style. Players will be able to create their own unique character, and can enjoy the game in a world that is full of variety. ESO is slated to launch in 2016. We are excited to work with our fans and welcome them to the rich fantasy world of Tamriel with Elder Scrolls Online.
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Game Overview
A substantial shift in the nature of combat puts the player in the role of a Wight. You can now move freely in relation to the environment and adjust your movement distance with each click. Explore the world of Tamriel, engage combat, and cast devastating spells to destroy your enemies. You can turn your defenses up or down to effectively deal with your enemies. This RPG also features deep character customization with a variety of race, class and special class abilities.

Rise to Power
Player perspective is the main component, where the player advances a story and an ever-changing environment, taking on quests and working towards earning in-game currency through combat, exploration and crafting. Characters are able to ascend the corporate ladder, and work their way up to being a powerful being known as an Elder. By completing quests, exploring dungeons, and discovering secrets, players can influence the world around them and earn rewards.

Creative Director: Todd Howard
Todd Howard’s vision and leadership took the game to a new level with the addition of the combat system and quests. Bethesda Game Studios gained wide recognition with the success of the Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time game on the Nintendo 64. Todd’


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Demo version
  • Elden Ring is an action RPG. You need to use the in-game functions to attack, obtain items, and change equipment
  • An open and intuitive user interface
  • A world with an extensive and unique open field area. You can freely walk within the restricted areas without restrictions
  • Join with up to 8 players in a multiplayer game and experience a united adventure.
  • The multiplayer feature allows 2 players to form a party to battle monsters and enemies together.
  • Character Customization: Equip multiple weapons and armor, prepare or acquire reinforcements, or create powerful items
  • Dynamic in-battle attacks
  • A situation-based story that enriches the relationship between the characters and becomes a heavy emotional experience
  • Elden Ring is an online game. This game is free for the following add-on content:

    • Count of a Piece of Innocent Blood(V.1.3 or above)
    • A World History Bundle(V.1.2 or above)
    • A Warrior’s Spirit(V.1.2 or above)
    • An All-Jin’s Equipment Book(V.1.2 or above)
    • Rights to use the Client Allocation Number in addition to the Client’s Application Number(V.1.3 or above)
    • Rights to use the brand-named experience points in addition to the Client’s Application Number(V.1.3 or above)
    • A weapon upgrade material code bonus(4 or above)
    • A white Oracle scroll(4 or above)
    • A Scrath sword flag(V.1.3 or above)
    • A personal aspiration: All-Jin Su (not available for the 2nd edition)
    • A job boost option, a promotion that can be triggered once per month(V.1.3 or above)

    In game purchase(info update in Aug 2018)


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    This game was originally reviewed on July 13th. The review no longer reflects the game today. The review of the game at the time is below:

    “It was born from the culture that has been handed down from generation to generation and is said to be the myth of the world, the legend that will never be forgotten.It was born from the Elden Ring that promises great things but, in the end, it leads to the disappearance of the world.In the Land Between the Worlds where the influence of the Elden Ring has spread, an ideal nation. In that nation, magic rings have been distributed to the people who were previously excluded from being able to use magic.Elden Ring power is known to be deadly force in the world, but the impact of the corruption on humans is not yet clear. The strengths of Elden Ring power has begun to spread like a virus and now even in the capital, the prison world of the prison and the prison world of the capital have begun to communicate.They are our future. They are our destruction.Elden Ring power is immortal, but those who wield it are born with a mark on the palm of their hand.There are only a few people left who have not been marked yet.The one who alone can save the city from these threats, the hero who can defeat the personification of Elden Ring power, and the spell that only the hero can solve the mystery.The fate of the world hangs in the balance. Bring order to this place, rise with honor, and forge your destiny as a hero.THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG.Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    ■ Features

    – A variety of challenge dungeons for the powerful attacks of the character, resulting in an unprecedented role-playing experience.

    – Adventure game and action game, “action RPG”, “RPG”.

    – The heart of the action RPG is the unique battle system that combines the “attack” method and the “guard” method.

    – A puzzle game with one of the most sophisticated difficulty adjustment modes in the genre.

    – A story drawn from the myth of a modern fantasy world with rich historical background and a sophisticated story with a multilayered structure.


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    Heroes in the Land Between are challenged with overwhelming dangers to protect and grow themselves. These Heroes include the characters you’ve met along the way in the game, as well as the guild leaders and experienced warriors who accompany them. By investigating the rumors and gathering the materials that are buried in the dungeons, they build their village and strengthen it.

    Exploration of the World

    The first mission is the main part of the campaign. You engage in combat at an island called Gildenfell and then continue onward to other islands. Along the way, you will discover a variety of scenarios that provide more details on your goal to protect the world. You can fight against monsters in dungeons, fight to solve riddles in the caves, and other various challenges that emerge.

    Stay awake to fight against the monsters that have invaded!

    When you travel the world, you will receive a variety of notifications to stay awake. On the map where you are interacting with the world, a red notification symbol is displayed when you are asleep. Sleep and count the hours to avoid being attacked. Keep watch over the heartbeat of the world and defeat the monsters that invade.

    Skill and Magic

    Using your awakening skills and techniques, develop your character and become an Elden Lord!

    In addition to the awakening skills and techniques granted by various items, to strengthen your ability to engage in combat, you can also learn skills of the awakening type through skill chaining and master them to get a variety of skills. Take your time to improve your skills and grow your character!

    Battle in dungeons

    You will face new challenges in the large and complex dungeons where the secrets of the world are buried. Battle them with your hunting abilities and attack to gain strength. You are summoned to this dungeon when you raise your awakening level to a certain level. Exploring and discovering new dungeons and defeating the monsters will provide you with new items, armor, and experience.

    Unlock a variety of awakening skills and techniques!

    Each awakening skill has its own awakening techniques. By mastering them, you will be granted a variety of skills and you can improve your combat performance.

    Climb the ranks!

    Increase your awakening level and rankings to increase your awakening skills and techniques!

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    What’s new:



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