I sell corals online and at Trade Shows. Its a very niche community and nowhere near as crowded as other e-com products. The businesses I deal with are also not really laser focused on things like ad-words. Right now with my own efforts Facebook and my Mailing List seem to be the best ways to generate cash flow or at least they are proven. I have a decent website and I have been courted by LogicalPosition for a few days and they speak a good game. Essentially they are offering me 749 Management fee and 1000 a month in ad-spend to setup and optimize my GoogleAd’s account. Fortunately for me a while back I got really into PPC and setup some campaigns myself to try and generate some data (2 years worth) before even thinking of working with someone.

My question is – am I getting railed with the 1,749 monthly or are there better, cheaper, and more effective ways of spending this cash monthly? We are a small business selling a niche product (www.trscaquatics.com) and I’m wondering if there are better ways to go about it.

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