Otaku’s Adventure is a 2D side-scrolling, jump and run game of the first-person action genre, developed by Studio Iceberg. The protagonist is Akihiro Kuroda, a young demon hunter who travels around the different worlds, collecting demons’ tails and defeating them. The game is structured into side-scrolling stages, where the player will be able to take on waves of demons. Each level has a special boss that must be defeated to proceed to the next.

Developer Statement:

“Otaku’s Adventure is meant to be a unique, exciting and fun adventure that should come recommended for any action-RPG-loving gamer. We are proud to announce that we have started to work on the localization of the game, which will be available in various languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese and Korean. The game will be released in Japan in August this year.”


Play an exhilarating action RPG filled with demons, monsters and challenging puzzles.Effects of a 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme A reductase inhibitor and a cholesterol-lowering agent on phenylalanine hydroxylase activity and CYP2D6 gene expression in cultured rat hepatocytes.
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Rail Recon Features Key:

  • Free to play online small game.
  • Simple rules and easy to learn.
  • Fun to play for everyone.
  • Addictive game play.
  • Jungle in the City –
  • Summer Park –
  • Winter Park –
  • Far North –
  • Way Back At Pantheon –
  • New Polar Animal Domination –
  • Intense hot dog lotto –


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Enter the Underdark with an army of little monsters and terrorize the residents of the Spooktown!Q:

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Join us in re-imagining a small child’s world, where the hero is the thing they really don’t like to do, and where imagination and creativity is the ultimate superpower.
The evil mastermind behind it all – SPONGEBOB AND THE EXTRA-CONDENSED GASP POD!
Full Hints and Extras:
– The premise of the episode can be re-made using Mario Kart!
– In this episode Spongebob asks the inanimate thing, “what IS life if not imagination?”
– This episode is almost taken from the “DOUBLE ADVENTURE” episode.
– How many times did Spongebob have to jump over the obstacle course?
– The two largest animated characters in the episode are Squidward and Sandy.
– The characters get reworked in a most imaginative and creative way!
– The Spongebob Adventure episode got remade to complete the adventure!
– Another Adventure episode!
– Spongebob suddenly grew up!
– Spongebob stops having any imagination!
– Spongebob wakes up and finds that he’s stopped being the hero.
– Spongebob’s imagination made the hero permanently useless.
– Don’t forget to rate, comment, and share!

Lady Ash
Episode List:
1. When Lady Ashley gets her hands on you!
2. Ashley’s True Form
3. Lady Ashley Takes It to the Next Level!
4. Lady Ashley vs. Morgana


What’s new in Rail Recon:

By the 40s, Gribli was researching on the grave of an inhuman; however, he encountered a plant that was the cure of the deadly disease known as “Grimoirum Verum”. He was entranced by the plant and chose to acquire it for his own use. In order to protect the plant within his home, Gribli built a magical barrier—entrance to which was guarded by horrific beings known as “Rival Books”. Ever since, the Rival Books have been after him and his family…

Users: –


– The ability to heal at abnormal healing speeds

– Buff, occasionally damaging character’s stats

– Draw energy from Gribli’s Pokemon to reduce a Pokemon’s Entropy score

– Allows to use rare cards effectively


– See Gribli’s cards

– Gives a breather to the Pokemon master

– Increases healing rate of Rival Books’ attacks

– Can be used on a turn as told in the blue cards

– Damage from Pokemon’s attack can be healed with full HP

– Can boost all stats but does not heal attacks (see the white cards)

– Cancel the effects of any black or white card used on opponent, skill costing EKG

– Will NOT heal Gribli’s cards, so use it wisely!

– If Gribli has his HP’s full, draw cards from the deck, 5 cards for each purple attack

– Draw different cards upon turning over a blue card, much like in a deck of fortune

– Draw 5 cards at random if Gribli takes damage, takes only one point of damage during battle, or falls to 0 HP


– Useful cards

– Add cards to the user to make him more powerful

– Detects opposing cards

– Different effects

– Stops the opponent from using own cards

– Preventing any damage to target character while the user is battling

– Not dead-end

– Will not follow a Pokemon in it’s attack, regardless of wave length

– Gribli’s cards can also be used to cancel or delay the effects of own cards

– Battle for free status

– Use as early as possible

– White cards buff skill against own opponent

– White cards slightly damage the


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Chuck’s Challenge 3D: Happy Holidays is the remaster of the classic puzzle game Chip’s Challenge, and the third title in a 10-year-old series. Since 2004, Chuck’s Challenge has evolved into the first puzzler that lets you create and share your own levels. Help Chuck’s miniature purple alien avoid enemies and find his way past obstacles and challenges in this new winter version of the puzzler.
Chip’s Challenge 3D: Happy Holidays features:
• Fabulous fun soundtrack with a joyful festive holiday soundtrack.
• High-res textures and a winter theme to add some festive cheer, including:
• SNOW EFFECTS – it now snows in-game
• NEW HATS – Woop has four Festive Hats; Blue, Green, Red & Yellow
• PET HATS – The Pets have also gotten into the holiday spirit and are wearing hats too.
• Play music while solving levels or in the game world. It’s up to you!
• Level editor where you can change the appearance of the game world, or create or edit levels.
• Commentate levels as you play and make suggestions for Chuck.
• Upload levels to share with others on our game page or via social media
• Several new characters such as Woop, Chuck, Chuck’s hands and much more
• New puzzles and challenges
• Improved controls
• Improved graphics with HD resolutions
• Level creator not only allows you to change the look of the map, but it also lets you enter new levels
• Difficulty can be set manually to a maximum of 10
• New challenges, in which Chuck has to solve a puzzle that is not even there – yet
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System Requirements:

Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
1 GHz CPU or faster
256 MB RAM or more
1750 MB available space
Sound card or microphone
Internet connection
2 GB disk space required for installation
How to install:
1. Unzip files and run Setup.exe
2. Check “I agree” to the End-User License Agreement and enter your license key
3. Select Language and time format and other settings
4. Start the game