Q/A with Kathy and Karl

Core Web Vitals for Enterprise Businesses: Q/A with our own Kathy Brown and Karl Kleinschmidt

On February 18th, we hosted our Core Web Vitals for Enterprise Businesses Session to address Google’s new Page Experience ranking factor update. The session focussed on what the Core Web Vitals were and why they mattered. Our experts dived into what each of the new ranking signals meant and how they would impact SEO. Although we provided actionable tips and advice, there were still many questions around FID, LCP, CLS, and more.

Below are the questions collected from our audience and our experts Kathy and Karl address them.

What is the difference between Field and Lab data?

Kathy: Lab data are the performance data you see in a specific environment. Tools such as Chrome Dev Tools, as well as tools like webpagetest.org are providing you Lab Data. Field Data is data collected from the many users that are using Chrome to browse your site’s pages. You can see Field Data in Google Search Console and often in Google Page Speed Insights (which will report both Lab and Field data for a page). For automation needs, Field data are accessible via BigQuery. Remember that Lab data is for testing, Field Data is for ranking. Based on comments from John Mueller, we are anticipating that initially, CWV will only impact mobile rankings and that you will need to be “in the green” for all three metrics to rank higher.

What do you do when there are no Field data available?

Kathy: If there…

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