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PW Client Renamer

so i tried the for bug but i get the same problem. it may seem like a small thing i do not expect but it is much easier for our clients and significantly less work for us. hopefully you can see this and work it out for me

no pw_rpc apis may be accessed in this function! implementations must not access any rpc endpoints (pw::rpc::client, pw::rpc::server) or call objects (pw::rpc::serverreaderwriter, pw::rpc::clientreaderwriter, etc.) inside the rpcsession->run() function.

always use pw_rpc_server_flag_acknowledge to signal that you completed a multi-parameter rpc request. this will allow the server to retry non-completable requests. this allows internal logic within the pw_rpc library to retry non-completable rpc requests.

internally, we use the redis zadd() api to insert a key-value pair into a sorted set. if we cannot find the item in the set, we do a lookup of the key. use the pw_rpc_server_flag_acknowledge flag to signal this operation has completed.

each rpc consists of a unique request message, which is retreived with the contexts request(uint32_t index) and response(uint32_t index). the response (if a requestmessage) is asynchronously notified when a response becomes available. the rpc also carries a set of optional additional message options (e.g. a buffered message) that can be retrieved with the contexts request(uint32_t index, uint32_t options) and response(uint32_t index, uint32_t options). when you receive a response from the server, there are many possible errors that can occur (e. invalid file path, access denied, etc.) and you can use the contexts reject(uint32_t index, uint32_t error) and unreject(uint32_t index, uint32_t error) to handle each of these situations. finally, the server may also return an additional response, which may contain information about the error (e. a file path or empty string).
the client platform has changed quite a bit over the years, starting with windows mobile and eventually windows ce, now windows 10. we’re proud to say that we’ve released 5 successive versions of our client that are more powerful than before and help clients be more competitive. so we’re officially ending support for windows mobile/windows ce.