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The Beetle comes back. Hatchbacks are coming back. And this is not the Super Beetle, which wasn’t just a crash test dummy. With a 65mm wider track (than the Volkswagen GTI) and the possibility of two-door production, the Beetle could be much bigger than the original. We asked the folks at Volkswagen if it was possible, and they said a five-door version would be out as soon as 2016.

Volkswagen is also considering a crossover that would bridge the gap between the Beetle, Golf and Passat. We had a chance to sit in a prototype, and it looks similar to the regular Passat wagon. The idea was to blend in more to the inside of the compact sedan than the usual wagon, which has a much larger rear wheel arches.

The platform is shared with the Audi Q3 and Q5, but that wasn’t announced during our drive, so it remains to be seen whether it will be considered similar to the Volkswagen Touareg. There are two designs for the interior. One is a regular four-seat affair, as on the Passat. The other is a 5-seat notchback, with the possibility of pushing it to three seats for longer trips.

The Volkswagen ID Space Frame, used for production of the aforementioned Touareg, is the basic underpinnings for several new models, including the sedan, a hatch and a crossover. That’s a solid underpinnings for the crossover in particular, as it would replace the current Tiguan. The crossover will also adapt the same chassis as the Touareg.

Despite looking like a Golf with the Golf’s large air intakes, the ID Space Frame will be more inline with the Golf’s platform. The goal is to retain a new platform for all future models.

The only other preview was a 200-hp (150-lb-ft) turbocharged gasoline engine mated to a 7-speed DSG, which means it will be offered with a manual like in the Touareg. Peak fuel economy will be 40mpg city, 40mpg highway, and 39mpg combined.

Although the production-focused nameplate first appeared in the