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Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to share with you on how you should measure the ROI of your paid advertising campaigns.

Sure, Facebook and Google they try to tell you the ROI that you’re getting, but you know what? They are wrong.

The numbers you’re getting from your Facebook and AdWords usually accounts always show more conversions than you’re getting. Just check out your products, your e-commerce store, your lead generation. Whatever you’re trying to get, your leads, I bet you AdWords, Facebook and even Google Analytics show you more conversions than what you’re getting.

You need to be looking in your database.

Now, in general, the numbers are off not just for you, not just for me, but for almost everyone. S

O, what do companies do? Well, they double check their metrics.

They know that if their Facebook metrics say that there are two conversions, they know, let’s say, if the rule of thumb is by half, because that’s what your database is showing, then when Facebook is showing you had 1,000 sales today, then you really only got 500 and that’s okay.

You just need to know how to optimize your spend based on your true conversions.

You have to check your database for the real sales and lead numbers. It’s that simple. There’s no quick, easy solution being like oh if you use this software, it fixes it, or if you do this, it fixes it.

Everyone says hey, try out this solution, or this company but the real true way that I’ve noticed is I look at my database and my bank account. When I can see numbers coming in, that’s how I know I’ve generated sales. I don’t care to see what a number in a software solution shows me that’s off. I want to see the real dollars.