PPC 2020: (EU) Week 6: 5 Randoms vs. District 69
Thursday, April 30th, 2020)
See description below for match info and individual game times.

Game 1: PNB: 2:15 – Game Start 6:00
Game 2: PNB: 19:30 – Game Start: 23:15
Game 3: PNB: 42:15 – Game Start: 46:40
Game 4: PNB: 1:06:05 – Game Start: 1:10:15

Teams in this match: 5 Randoms, District 69

Players in this match: bolka, Ninu, Nyxus, Ovimm, spunkki, Zarini, Exentra, Fisheko, Gerrah, Kcruncy, LaDji

Characters Played in Game 1: Io, Buck, Evie, Barik, Kinessa, Furia, Inara, Grover, Bomb King, Cassie

Characters Played in Game 2: Io, Lian, Inara, Androxous, Evie, Zhin, Grover, Ash, Barik, Kinessa

Characters Played in Game 3: Furia, Androxus, Cassie, Ash, Moji, Ruckus, Inara, Zhin, Ying, Evie

Characters Played in Game 4: Ruckus, Zhin, Inara, Grover, Vivian, Mal’damba, Cassie, Barik, Buck, Evie

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