Do local businesses report spam?

Fighting Google My Business spam is one of the most effective ways to climb rankings in local SEO, but is the uptake as common among agencies as local SEO experts?

From just a quick glance at local SEO Twitter, you’d think that spam fighting is what dominates many local SEOs’ working days. But our Local Search Industry Survey showed that, on the contrary, just a third of local marketers offer GMB spam fighting as a service.

Meanwhile, in stark contrast, our Expert Google My Business survey showed that, second only to reviews, spam fighting is one of the most important tasks to prioritize in 2020, with 65% of experts vouching for it, while just 11% of agencies said the same thing.

These two drastically opposing statistics got us thinking: why aren’t more agencies investing in spam removal?

That’s why we took matters into our own hands and polled our trusty audience to find out more.

In total, we looked at the data from 513 respondents – 64% of which manage local SEO for a client’s business, while 36% look after their own local SEO. For the purposes of this poll, we’ll be separating these respondents into agencies and local businesses.

First, we’ll dive into local businesses (but you can skip ahead to agencies here).

Local Businesses and Spam fighting

Do local businesses spend time reporting their competitors’ spam on Google My Business?

The vast majority of local businesses don’t spend time reporting competitors’ spam on Google My…

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