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With a little ingenuity, you can fit a portable security siren on virtually any container and easily secure its interior when on your boat or in your truck. Many provisions used in boat cabins are expensive, and all end up in the ocean eventually. If you’re sick of going through your boat’s totes to find that zip tie, drill, or wrench, you can easily build an impenetrable secure area out of plywood, insulation, zip ties, and marine-grade epoxy.

First, cut a semicircle from a piece of plywood, cut a rectangular cutout, and trim it along the edges so they match. You’ll use the semicircle to form the base of the door. Drill a hole through the plywood, and keep it centered on your original rectangle. Now, clamp the door to the plywood with the semicircle flush against the bottom edge. Apply tape to the hole in the bottom of the door, then add screws and nuts from the top of the plywood to your original hole.

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