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How do I insert text at a specific position in a string?

I want to know how to edit the string in place.
After using an array I want to add some text to the the string.
I use the function str_replace.
//—Get a String from an Array
$string = str_replace(array(‘address’, ‘word’, ‘text’), array(”, ”,’@test’), $str);

What I want to do is:
//—Get a String from an Array
$string = str_replace(array(‘address’, ‘word’, ‘text’), array(”, ”,’@test’), $str);
//—insert some text for example “@test1” at position “10” in the string

$string = $string. ‘@test1’;


You can do this using substr:
$string = $string. ‘@test1’;
$pos = strpos($string, ”);
$string = substr_replace($string, ‘@test1’, $pos, 0);


Another way is:
$pos = 10;
$string = $string. ‘@test1’;
$string = substr($string, 0, $pos). ‘@test1’. substr($string, $pos, strlen($string));


I would use implode() and str_replace()
$string = implode(“”, array(‘address’, ‘word’, ‘text’), $str, ”, ”,’@test’). ‘@test1’;

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