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# Paint.NET

Paint.NET has been the top-selling photo-editing tool for several years. The most recent versions incorporate some excellent new features, including the new Paint.NET 3D! plugin, the ability to import Photoshop and video files, and the ability to work on layers in a collaborative online workspace.

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The following is an overview of the 12 tutorials in this Photoshop Elements tutorial series.

If you’re on a desktop computer, you’ll need to download the Adobe Photoshop Elements program here. If you’re on a Windows 10 Mobile phone, you can follow our guide to installing Adobe Photoshop Elements on your smartphone.

Step 1: Open the Photo Library

Click the Open button to open the Photoshop Elements Photo Library.

The images in your library will appear in the same window as on a desktop computer. You can use the Browse button to change the view to see more or fewer images.

The default view will display images in a grid that’s six by six columns in a two by three row layout.

Step 2: Edit the Background in the Photo Library

Open the Edit screen and select Adjustment by clicking the Adjustment Bar.

The Adjustment bar is at the top of your screen. You can select Adjustments by clicking on the tool bar to the right of the Adjustment bar. If you look at the icons in the Adjustment bar, you’ll see that the icons are organized in groups.

These groups are:

The Brightness group will increase or decrease the brightness of an image.

The Curves group will use the Point and Crop tool to change the brightness of the image.

The Contrast group will increase or decrease the contrast.

The Levels group will use the Point and Crop tool to increase or decrease the contrast of the image.

The Graduated Filter group is used to make sharpening or blurring an image.

The Exposure group will increase or decrease the brightness of an image.

The Hue group increases or decreases the color of an image.

The Shadows group increases or decreases the overall darkness of the image.

The Saturation group will increase or decrease the overall vividness of the image.

The Tint group changes the color of an image.

The White Balance group will increase or decrease the color temperature of the image.

The Black and White group will make the image black and white.

When you’ve made your selections from the icons in the Adjustment bar, click OK.

The Adjustment bar will disappear from the screen and the adjustments you made will become visible.

Step 3: Separate a Group of Images

Click the thumbnail image in the Photoshop Elements window to highlight the image in that thumbnail image.

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Sublime Text 2: Repeat a string with ANSI colors

I have a task at hand where I need to repeat a string of text, and want to do so with ANSI color (built-in console with a default or specific one). How do I do that?
In the command line, I know I can do it with printf and ANSI escapes. For example:
printf -1 “%{o}” hello

In sublime text, I’ve tried to create a simple macro with either { and }, but it doesn’t work. I know it’s because sublime is interpreting the characters as characters instead of what they mean in ANSI color.
I tried the “sublime-build” way. Define a small Python script with what I want to repeat and try it.
# Read up on ANSI escape codes here:


The problem is, it won’t take the escape codes. So, if I try and run the code, nothing happens in sublime.

Does not work either.
This is the only thing I could get to work, which takes the escape codes and prints them in the console.
import sublime
import os

path = sublime.load_settings(“Packages/User/ansi_escape.sublime-settings”)
if path:
sublime.set_layout(0, “Packages/User/ansi_escape.sublime-settings”)
sublime.set_layout(0, “osx.sublime-settings”)

Any ideas?


I figured it out using this:
import sublime
import os

path = sublime.load_settings(“Pack

What’s New In Photoshop 2020 (version 21)?

Source: Business Insider | May 15, 2012 07:03 PM | Report

Courtesy of Business

Twitter, Inc. revealed today that it plans to more than double the number of employees it has in Dublin (Ireland), where it is preparing for its move from San Francisco to San Jose, California.

The company has hired more than 15 employees to help move servers and employees to its new facility in the city, one of the main centers for Internet connectivity in Europe.

Twitter revealed on Tuesday that it intends to move its European headquarters from London to Dublin, which will allow it to save $2.5 million annually in real estate costs. It has already moved the headquarters of its European sales and customer service teams to Dublin from London.

Investors and analysts are curious to see what effect the move will have on Twitter’s business. Twitter shares were trading as much as 3.5% higher on Tuesday, reaching an intraday high of $54.10.

Based on Twitter’s profit for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2012, which was $59.5 million, more than one-quarter of its total profit came from Europe.

In addition to the Dublin move, Twitter plans to expand its London operations. The company is hiring 14 employees in London.

Twitter said that it will be able to create up to 3,000 jobs in the U.S. from the European expansion, bringing its workforce to about 15,000.

The company said in a press release that it has already seen a significant increase in user activity in Ireland. The company’s Ireland team will now focus on real-time ad sales, led by Kari Ramer, and improving the Twitter platform in Ireland.

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System Requirements For Photoshop 2020 (version 21):

Tables: 16
Separate storage space for tables: 32
Postings: 2
Separate storage space for postings: 4
Creation of a Language and a Dictionary:
Language: 1
Slurz script: 1
Dictionary: 1
Words: 500
Strings: 8
Extensions: 8
Locale setting: No
Deaf Version: No
Anti-comment: No
Anti-spam: No