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PC Digamour ENG FULL Version Download

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PC Digamour ENG FULL Version Download
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Why doesn’t this jQuery function work?

I have a simple “clicker” that scrolls through a menu and ends on the item that was clicked. However, when I try to use this, the function works in IE8 but not in FF. I don’t understand why. I even tried a simple.click() function like this. So if I have
$(“a.current”).click(function() {
var title = $(this).data(“title”);
scrollTop:$(“#content-wrapper”).offset().top + $(this).offset().top
}, 1000);
$(“a[rel='” + title + “‘]”).removeClass(“current”);

And then I have a menu of six links in “current” and one that’s not, they’re all even loaded in the same order (in sequence of the navigation). The IE8 version works fine, but the FF version waits for the animation to complete before even going to the next link. I’m sure it’s some stupid syntax error on my part, but my brain hurts. If I put alert()’s everywhere, it’ll even work in Firefox, but the overall purpose of the program is to animate the scroll, so I’d like to have it all stay together.
Thanks for any advice.
Edit: Sorry, I guess I didn’t explain myself very well. I’m opening my menu by clicking on a link that says “Menu” and it has to animate the scroll of the content-wrapper to the top of the content.


The second line:

is likely the problem. In the comment below that line, I said that some modern browsers don’t support it, and that’s probably why it didn’t work.

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# This file contains the translation of the following modules:
# * project_timeline
# Translators:
# OCA Transbot

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