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. com… download Serial Key Generator For Pc Users Full Version free .New Zealand’s main creditors were last night granted creditor status in a civil case against the Kingdom by a High Court judge who has criticised the Crown’s handling of the South Island earthquake.

Lord Temple, senior district judge of the High Court, yesterday said the Debt Recovery Office would run the case against the Government of New Zealand – and not the Crown – and would seek to recover the money owed to electricity companies, port operators, inland port companies, and irrigation operators.

The Debt Recovery Office, a division of debt-collection agency Independent Debt Collection (IDC), said it was the state debt collection agency which had been incorporated under the debt recovery act, which seeks to recover the unpaid debts of the state.

The agency was not incorporated by the Treasury, as required by the act, and this was the first case of its kind in New Zealand.

The judge found that the Crown was liable for the debts of two of the three creditor banks, the National Bank of New Zealand and First Union New Zealand.

The debt owed by New Zealand Power was in the name of “the Crown” and therefore the action would be prosecuted in that name.

Judge Temple said the creditor banks were entitled to the repayment of sums lent to the state, and if the Government of New Zealand did not pay it would have breached the Crown’s contractual duties.

“Crown liability is a concept used in cases where the state has undertakings in relation to a borrowing by a person for whom it is responsible,” he said.

“These undertakings are not legally enforceable but they are of value, giving a measure of stability to the relationship between the creditor and the state.

“In this case the Crown undertook to repay moneys borrowed by the entity to whom the undertakings were given.

“The Crown has failed to discharge its obligations under the borrowing contracts.”

The judge said the Crown could not choose to ignore liability for its acts.

“To do so would be to condone a breach of its undertakings. This would have disastrous consequences for the relationship between the state and the borrowing entity and to the functioning of public service delivery,” he said.

A Crown spokesman said the Government did not want to comment on the case.