'Outbound' Shouldn't Be a Dirty Word in Sales. Here's Why

By Steli Efti, co-founder and CEO of Close

Truth be told, there’s recently been an obsession with inbound marketing, and sure, for good reason. Inbound marketing works. It involves attracting customers and leads through content creation, rather than having sales reps fight for their attention.

This type of marketing is about winning the customer’s trust, so when they’re ready to buy, your brand comes to mind. It’s about getting people to your brand instead of intruding with outbound tactics. It helps you attract visitors, convert leads and close customers. And for that reason, many businesses have used it successfully, including my own.

But there is also another tactic that is rarely discussed — good ol’ outbound sales.

The popularity of inbound marketing has grown and evolved significantly, thanks in large part to the adoption of the internet and the introduction of new marketing channels that can deliver content directly to customers and prospects.

But outbound salespeople have gotten a bad rep over the years. Often, they can appear too pushy, causing outbound sales to become a dirty word in people’s books.

So, you must be wondering what outbound sales is and why it should matter to you.

What It Is

Outbound sales is the process of sales professionals conducting outreach to prospects and giving sales pitches. Picking up the phone and doing a cold call is an example, but outbound sales techniques also include email and other forms of communication. The critical…

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