In 1979, a company called Relational Software released the first commercially available relational database management system, called Oracle. The product was so successful that the company decided to adopt its name and become the Oracle Corporation, while Oracle Database remains one of the most popular management systems.
Since many large companies use Oracle, there are obviously many employees that need to learn to administer and operate the RDBMS. Many of them would know, for example, that a table is an essential part of any database and that data is stored there. However, fewer would understand the process of merging two such tables.
While the process could be lengthy and would require more than basic knowledge of the Oracle SQL, a program like Oracle Append Two Tables Software aims to make things easier and quicker for some users. Remember that the program can only be used to merge tables vertically.
The application features a simplistic interface with clear commands. First, you need to provide the appropriate credentials in order to allow the program to access the tables. Apart from the username and password, you must also provide the unique system ID (or SID), which is used for identifying a particular database on a system.
Oracle Append Two Tables Software works with Oracle 9i or higher.







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• Append Two Tables Software can be used to quickly and easily merge two tables together, saving a lot of time and hassle. It is quick to use and easy to understand, and includes instructions for setting up and using the software for your Oracle database so that you can be up and running fast.
• The product works with tables on same or different database servers in a vertical merge.
• Use Append Two Tables Software to quickly set up and debug Oracle apps, triggers, DML, and other SQL statements.
• The program is intuitive to use and can be configured in 10 minutes or less.
• You can provide the unique system ID, or SID, when running the utility.
• Append Two Tables Software includes a Help file with instructions for installation, usage, and troubleshooting.
• For larger tables, you can use the table merge option to combine the tables into one larger table.
• Append Two Tables Software has an easy-to-use main menu.
• Perform a merge of two tables in one click.
• The program includes an optional data quality management (DQM) interface.
• The main menu is very easy to use.
• There are two main screens: the Status Screen and the Merge Screen.
• The Status Screen provides links to help information, system information, the program Help Files, and the main menu.
• Links are also available to all the Application Configuration and Database Browser commands.
• The Merge Screen provides the main input fields and output.
• The Status Screen can be used to enter settings and to monitor the progress of the merge.
• The Merge Screen includes a preview of the final output and the ability to select an additional merge target.
• Append Two Tables Software can also be used as a test utility.
• It is simple to use and easy to debug.
• You can export the results to a text file.
• The software includes a sample environment that consists of three tables that all have the same structure.
• The sample environment contains a data dictionary, triggers, functions, and user-defined variables, for a total of 24 files.
• The tool uses the table merge option by default for merging two tables with the same structure.
• Append Two Tables Software supports vertical table merging.
• It works with both the Oracle 9i and Oracle 10g environment.
• The tool can be used to merge, combine, append, or update two tables.
• For instance

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In this section we will review the various features of the product. At the end of this review, we will also give some recommendations on what users should look for when choosing a product.

Users would have come across the term “appendix” at least once in their lives. But, unless you are a blood donor or suffer from extreme medical conditions, you will not come across the word “appendicectomy” on your computer. But, if you are a database administrator, then you would have encountered the term on numerous occasions. This is why “Append Two Tables Software” is a generic term used in relation to data merging.
The basic concept of data merging is to combine two or more data sets together to create a new table. However, the use of the term “data merging” is quite broad. In the case of Append Two Tables Software, the application does not look at the tables as they are, but instead merges them into one.
Also, the program is not useful in all scenarios. For example, if a table is received on floppy disk and copied to another location, Append Two Tables Software would not be of much use. The application does not even allow you to copy and append two tables on the same disk.

A few basic features
The application is a small program that requires no installation. First, you need to get the executable from the link given below. After running the executable, the program will immediately prompt for a username and password.

If you provide a username and a password, the program will allow you to merge two tables on the same or different Oracle databases. Before you start the merging process, you need to configure the program to show the tables that you wish to append.
The list of available tables is not displayed in the main window. Instead, you need to use the export command.
This is done by selecting a table and pressing the Export tab. In the Export window, you need to specify the server name, user name and password. The settings are not saved; but you can also import them later to merge other tables.

After the configuration is complete, you need to merge the tables to which you had access.
This is done by selecting a Table tab and clicking the Merge tab. You can then merge two tables or groups of tables. Remember that the application can only merge tables vertically. You cannot append tables or groups of tables side by side.
The main window displays a message when the process of merging is complete.

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Oracle Append Two Tables Software is a simple, all-in-one application that enables you to merge two tables and add associated data to the resulting one. The program can also be used to append data from one table to another one or from another one to the resulting one. While this can be done manually, many users prefer automated tasks as the former can be quite lengthy. Oracle Append Two Tables Software allows you to do all of this in just a few clicks.
You can launch the program without providing any credentials. By default, it will connect to the database as a superuser, which, given that the database belongs to you, may not be such a big issue. However, if you’d like to specify a different database user, you need to specify the appropriate username and password. Moreover, to allow other applications to access the database, you can add the system ID, which must be present and belong to the database you wish to use.
Apart from providing the appropriate credentials, you also need to select the two tables you wish to merge. In the example below, we’re merging two tables called t1 and t2.
If you want to leave a default value for a particular column, then you may simply leave it without any input, while if you want to fill it with data from another one, you can enter the field you wish to copy from.
The columns you’re merging can be selected directly. By default, you’re given two columns to select from the ones you’re appending to, while you can remove any of the ones you don’t need. Moreover, to prevent duplicating data, you can select the Unique clause.
In order to change any of the select options, you need to select the relevant tab. Apart from this, the process can be quit much quicker by simply right-clicking on the desired column.
Once the process is complete, the program will display the resulting table, which, apart from the new columns, will contain the same data from both the original ones. While you can quickly run queries on the final result, you can also run the same query on the previous step using Append Query.
If you wish to perform any additional modifications, you can use Update Query for this. This is in fact used in our example to change the name of the new column to display the data for the second table.
If you’re pleased with the results, you can export the data to a

What’s New in the Oracle Append Two Tables Software?

With Append Two Tables Software, you can easily perform operations such as merging two tables. It’s especially useful for merging a table being used to store data with another table storing metadata about such data.

For example, if you need to store data in the first table while also using the tables within that same database for storing metadata about it, the first table could be called Data and the metadata tables could be called Relational Metadata. You could then create a view that could be used to join the two tables, generating the output as follows:

JOIN Relational_metadata ON Data.Id = Relational_metadata.Row_Id
WHERE Data.Status = 1;

The Append Two Tables Software also helps avoid the need to create a new table for storing metadata or an additional column for storing the data. Instead, the program automatically appends the data to a particular row in the table holding the metadata. This type of merge operation is especially useful for large databases, as it can easily handle data of any size.

Another very useful function, especially when merging a large number of rows, is the ability to perform incremental merges, or updates, to a set of data. For example, if a view was created as in the previous example, it might have millions of rows that need to be updated. This is done using a subquery, as shown in the example below:

The subquery returns the status of the rows being updated. Since Oracle Append Two Tables Software is a set-based application, the update will be executed for only the selected rows.

Apart from the usual functions of a merge or an update, the Append Two Tables Software also allows you to easily delete rows by managing the DELETE trigger, which is integrated with the application. The trigger allows you to override the default behavior of the DELETE statement and to control which rows will be deleted.

Additional functionality includes the ability to provide a descriptive comment with each row as it is updated. This, in turn, allows you to see all the changes that were made and by whom.

You can also add additional columns to a table by using the relevant CREATE TABLE statement.
Oracle Append Two Tables Software License:

The Oracle Append Two Tables Software program is published as freeware, which means that the product is offered for free use. In turn, the program is provided as a one-time license, which you must

System Requirements:

Intel® Core™ i5-2540M (2.8 GHz), AMD A10-5800K (2.9 GHz), or higher; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB, or higher; or higher; or higher; or higher; or higher; or higher; or higher; or higher; or higher; or higher
Mac OS X® 10.12.3, or later
Intel® HD Graphics 4000 or AMD Radeon™ HD 7700 or higher
Windows® 7 SP1 or Windows® 8.