One Secret to Improve SEO in 2021: Guestographics

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There are so many ways to improve SEO, not least of which is link building. But do you feel like the quality of results from your link building strategy has started dwindling?

If your answer is “yes”, you’re not alone. Link building has taken off in the content marketing world, but we’ve exhausted the typical strategies by overusing them.

There is one method to improve SEO and brand awareness that marketers haven’t utilized broadly yet — designing guestographics.

This is a strategy that we at Venngage have been using for years to earn backlinks and improve our SERP. Guestographics aren’t exactly a secret, but since so few content marketers know about them, here are our tips for creating and pitching them.

What is a guestographic?

A guestographic is essentially a guest infographic. We’ve used this term internally for years because it has a very specific purpose.

Guestographics are created in collaboration with other brands. It’s their content with our infographic design. This has become an effective way to improve SEO for both parties.

For example, we partnered with Hubspot to turn their lead generation ideas blog post into the infographic below:

Over the years, we’ve used this strategy to partner with numerous sites. It’s helped our team build connections in the industry, earn us backlinks, and improve our SEO.

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