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The movie title O Kadhal Kanmani is also mentioned in the song Dil Nazar 2011 by Naadiya Moosan Superstar Anuradha.

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During that time, the couple dines at a restaurant where there are many old people. This film directed by a legendary director P. C. Sriram produced by B. K. Thenal and cinematography is by D.Tuesday, March 12, 2007

Casino Royale

After a long hiatus, I have returned with a new name for my blog, “The Boy’s Room: Wallpaper Edition.” I am referring to it as the “Boy’s Room” to differentiate it from “The Girls Room: A Girl’s Perspective” which will still be called “The Girls Room.”

I guess you’re wondering what got me back into blogging. Well, I’ve recently became a YouTube fan and, as fate would have it, I’ve recently fallen down the YouTube wormhole. I enjoy checking out the videos and I found a video by The Video Destination that stands out from the YouTube crowd. It’s titled “Casino Royale.” The video is actually a collection of all of the James Bond movies, but it showcases the Roger Moore era. The narrator is Daniel Craig and this is one of my favorite movies so I decided to post it here.

As usual, leave your comments on what your favorite Bond films are. You may even post a link to your favorite Bond site. I would enjoy reading your thoughts on The Entertainer.Thursday, October 20, 2009

World’s 6th tallest to be built in the United States

The New York Times is reporting that the 660-foot-tall Willis Tower in Chicago, which at the time of its completion in 1973 was the world’s tallest building, will be surpassed by the 750-foot-tall Burj Dubai skyscraper under construction in Dubai. The Times writes that the Burj will be topped by a new observation deck (once the structure is finished, not counting its elevators) and that some people are calling the Burj “the second Willis Tower.”

I don’t get it. Isn’t a skyscraper taller than the World Trade Center a singularity