No Office? No Problem: How Service-area Businesses Can Use BrightLocal

If you’re a service-area business wondering how you can use BrightLocal to help improve your local search rankings, grow your reputation and stand out in local search, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Service-area businesses can benefit in the same ways as any other business using BrightLocal. The only difference is keeping your home address private and confidential. 

In this overview, we’re going to share the tips that you can use when setting up and analyzing your BrightLocal reports to hide your home address from potential customers.

The reports we’re going to talk through are:

  • Local Search Grid
  • Google My Business Audit
  • Citation Builder
  • Citation Tracker
  • Local Search Audit
  • Reputation Manager

Before we jump in, it’s worth mentioning that when any business (service-area or otherwise) first joins BrightLocal they’re required to set up what we call a Location. This is the set of business data we base BrightLocal reports on. Whether you’re an agency with several SAB clients, each with separate sets of reports required, or an SAB with multiple branches, it’s still all based on Locations in BrightLocal

When you set up a Location you’ll be asked to add a business address. For service-area business, this is likely to be their home address. Rest assured that we don’t share your address with anyone else nor is it displayed by us on any other platforms or directories, it’s simply used here as part of the process to start building reports for a…

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