Ninja Gaiden 2 Pc Game Free ((INSTALL)) 25


Ninja Gaiden 2 Pc Game Free 25

well, i don’t think anyone has ever said that. if anyone has said that then they are nuts. ninja gaiden is the best game on the xbox 360. it’s the best game on the xbox 360. it’s the best game on the ps3. i don’t know of any game that is better than ninja gaiden, period. there is not a single gamer who wouldn’t agree. and i don’t think there’s a single gamer who has played ninja gaiden on any system and not said that it was the best game on the system.

it’s not a unique experience. it’s a ninja gaiden game. there’s really nothing more to say. it’s better than most games. it’s almost as good as the games for the ps3 and the 360. it’s better than the games on both systems. it’s better than all the games on the systems. and it’s better than all the games on pc. it’s better than all the games on pc.

no more “how’s the weather?” or “hey buddy, what’s the score?” while the first two gears were full of the same tired sequel-to-a-series storytelling, gears of war 2 was a breath of fresh air thanks to a genuinely interesting plot, a more rewarding difficulty curve, and the brilliance of microsoft’s new xbox live service, which provided online play and ranked leaderboards with seamless drop-in and drop-out friend matches. the game also redefined the idea of a multiplayer game, replacing the need for a competitive mode with cooperative gameplay in which you could play with as many as eight of your friends, with your actions impacting the game’s story.

the story in halo 2 was absolutely stunning, thanks to the narrative chops of film director frank o’connor and a fantastic script by joseph staten. the master chief’s struggle to get out of the story and find a way home to earth was a classic tale of humanity’s hubris and the price we pay for our arrogance, and its gradual introduction to the player made it feel like an adventure from the age of pulp heroes. the series finale to halo 2’s trilogy was one of the most devastatingly emotional game endings ever, as master chief fulfilled his destiny and went on his final journey home, with the events of the game and the story of the universe unfolding in the player’s mind over the course of the remaining six years of his life. halo 2 was a tour de force, and one of the best games of the entire generation.

oh, well, ninja gaiden ii is an absolute masterpiece. at times it reminded me of crimson skies, but in terms of pure mechanics it’s just like x-men. the combos and all, the way the stages are designed, the bosses, the balance of weapons, it’s all really well done. it’s a shame that it has such a horrible reputation. it’s the most refined ninja gaiden game so far, in terms of the action, the storytelling, and the level design. all the ingredients are there. if it had a few extra levels or levels with slightly more difficult enemies, it would be one of the best ninja gaiden games. it’s basically perfect, and this is what people miss out on when they praise it so much. i’m one of those people.
the whole “it was all in marketing” argument is pretty silly. for one, you can’t really “market” a final fantasy game in the same way you can for a ninja gaiden game, and as a result, you don’t really see many final fantasy games on xbox. final fantasy is a pc game that enix has done a great job with (and that the xbox has no chance of competing with), and it’s all thanks to the great support of the pc audience. final fantasy is a strong selling point for pc gamers. the same cannot be said for the xbox and ninja gaiden. the fact that there’s a hugely popular pc audience that really doesn’t care about console at all is all thanks to the great support that pc gamers have been given by square enix. if ms didn’t do anything, all that console gamers would be playing on pc is devil may cry 4.
the reason it is so hard for a playstation owner to relate to ninja gaiden is because ninja gaiden, to them, is so foreign. ninja gaiden is such a japanese game. final fantasy, kingdom hearts, and super mario bros were all so familiar to them that they didn’t even think that they existed. they had never played a game with a protagonist that was a ninja, and they had never played a game with any of those elements. they didn’t know how they were done, but they could tell that they were done.