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“Introduction to Psychophysiology”
The book outlines the history of the development of psychophysiological ideas, analyzes the main provisions of modern psychophysiology, examines the relationship of psychophysiology with other disciplines.
The publication is based on a course of lectures that the author has been giving for a number of years at Moscow State University.
The book is intended for a wide range of readers.

The Royal Commission of Enquiry on Construction Industry Management published its final report on 28 September 2015, .Coarse-grained simulations of kinesin motors moving along microtubule tracks.
In this work we use coarse-grained simulations to study the Brownian motion of Kinesin motors on microtubules. In particular, we are interested in testing if the microscopic constants of the model (molecular size and viscosity) could be extracted from the simulations of the macroscopic process of motion (i.e. the displacement of the center of mass of the motor). Therefore, we use four motors to cross a 50-microtubule microtubule bed and we compare the simulation results with those obtained by using the mean-square displacement of the center of mass of the motor as a measure of the macroscopic process. We perform a set of runs varying the internal and external viscosities of the motor and the number of microtubule segments crossing the microtubule bed. Finally, we have obtained a value for the friction coefficient of the motor that agrees well with that in experiments for Kinesin V in the case of polystyrene rods. We report also a lower bound for the crossing rate by calculating the fraction of the time that motors spend in the process of crossing.
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