Blended Rankings Display type

The primary reason for this new option is that we know many of you prefer the simplicity of displaying the first organic result as ‘Position 1’, especially when it comes to communicating this clearly to clients.

We’ve called these displays ‘Blended’ and ‘Unblended’, but that’s not all that’s been updated in Local Search Rank Checker (as you’ll see below).

The New Rankings Display Options


Local Pack rankings (letters and numbers 1-3) and organic rankings (numbers only) are displayed side by side, and the first organic ranking is shown as position 4, or 5 if a Knowledge Panel is present. This display system was designed to reflect the position of the ranking on the web page itself, rather than within its own rankings type.

The ‘blended’ rankings display type

Unblended (new)

Local Pack rankings (letters) and organic rankings (numbers) are displayed separately, and the first organic ranking is shown as position 1. Google My Business (GMB) Knowledge Panels are presented with an icon only (more on this below).

Unblended rankings

The ‘unblended’ rankings display type

How do I change my Rankings Display type?

We’ve listened to our customers and have heard that a considerable majority prefer the new, unblended display, so we’ve decided to make this the default display setting for new customers.

Existing customers will see the following popup the next time they log in to BrightLocal and view a…

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