NEW: Sidestep Noisy Inboxes and Grow Reviews Faster with SMS Mode

We get it, you get it, we get that you get it — online reviews are important to local businesses. That drum has been well and truly beaten into submission. The question now is: “How do you actually get them?”

Unless you’re zen-like in your approach to reach the fabled ‘Inbox Zero’, you’re probably drowning in just as many emails as the rest of us. Your customers face the same daily deluge, too, so it makes sense that in order to get their feedback over email, you need to be sending a whole bunch of emails in the first place.

But the problem for many businesses is that they just don’t have the foot traffic or regular custom to play the numbers game when it comes to getting reviews via email.

And that’s not their fault! A service-area business making a handful of customers very happy every day has just as much right to great reviews as a restaurant serving hundreds, right? Well, maybe email’s not always the right route to reviews…

SMS outperforms email in every area

Email and SMS are no longer new forms of communication. They’ve been around so long now that we understand that one is for work, bills, admin, (AKA the boring stuff) and one is for friends, family, and fun. No prize for guessing which one’s which!

So it’s a no-brainer that the immediacy and informality of a text trumps email in terms of engagement every time. The stats back this up, too:

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