Relying on search keywords to bring in all your paid traffic just doesn’t cut it anymore. Luckily, Google is making advancements in audience targeting in light of the future changes to third-party cookie data.

The latest advancement as of July 2021 is optimized targeting. This is a branched-off targeting option automatically applied to advertisers leveraging audience or demographic targeting on Display, Discovery, and some video campaigns.

google ads optimized targeting

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In today’s post, we’re going to unlock the answers to the following questions regarding this new feature:

  • What is optimized targeting in Google Ads?
  • How does optimized targeting work?
  • When should you use optimized targeting?

By the end of this read, you’ll have a better understanding of whether optimized targeting is something you’ll want to leave on or turn off for your Display, Discovery, or video strategy.

What is optimized targeting in Google Ads?

Optimized targeting is a newly announced feature gradually rolling out on accounts that allows advertisers to reach people beyond who’s in their targeted audience. According to the announcement, here are the benefits:

  • Simplify your audience targeting and optimization.
  • Work across different networks and audience types.
  • Find additional opportunities to expand your reach.

Optimized targeting looks at indicators like keywords on your rich media assets or on your landing pages, then finds additional folks you can show to that would help to meet…

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