NEW: Manage Local Search Grid at Scale with New Support for Enterprise Plans

Great news for agencies and brands managing 100+ locations: you can now set up custom plans for Local Search Grid credits!

This means no more repetitive, manual purchasing of additional credits for businesses using this powerful tool at considerable scale.

What’s New?

Since launching Local Search Grid in February of this year, we’ve spoken to dozens of agency and brand customers who were excited to use the tool, but were unable to make it work with their otherwise fully-customized BrightLocal Enterprise plans.

Now that Local Search Grid has been added to these custom plans, no matter how many Grid Points, keywords, Locations or reports you need each month, you can easily set up recurring, automated purchases of the required credits by speaking to the Enterprise team.

Not sure how many credits you’ll need for your required reports? Just want to get some recommendations from an expert? No problem! The Enterprise team will be able to configure your custom plan to make sure you’re getting everything you need from Local Search Grid.

If you need a refresher on how Local Search Grid can benefit your brand or agency, take a look here:

Perfect for Enterprise Agencies

Enterprise agencies working with hundreds of locations, across multiple clients, want fast, efficient tools that highlight potential client problems and help them point their SEO tactics in the right direction.

Local Search Grid does just that, from assisting your sales team when they’re pitching to…

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