Dentists in Brighton EU SERP

Anyone who uses Google will be familiar with just how extensively they’ve been testing new SERP displays recently — from big clickable images to the rollercoaster that is desktop favicons.

Now, Google has rolled out a brand-new display feature for local search results in Europe, pushing third-party directories to center stage.

Read on to find out what we know so far, who the update will affect, and what the new SERP display means for local SEOs and businesses.

What we know so far

On February 21, 2020, a new SERP — now being referred to as the “find results carousel” — was spotted across Europe.

SERP results for “Dentists in Brighton”.

In what could be considered a new “position zero” for local businesses fortunate enough to be featured in the directories linked to, branded directory buttons are now showing above Maps and local pack results.

We know that the update has definitely rolled out across the UK, Belgium, Greece, France, and Spain, but it’s most likely visible across all countries in Europe by now.

The new directories in local carousel is thought to have been…

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