New Local Search Grid Module Added to BrightLocal Academy

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of a new BrightLocal Academy module all about how to use our latest tool: Local Search Grid.

The module is called Put Your Rankings on the Map With Local Search Grid and is part of the ‘Level Up Your Local SEO with BrightLocal’ course. It includes lessons on:

  • How to uncover deeper ranking insights
  • How to set up a report to get the insights you need
  • How to spot opportunities for growth and get ahead of the competition

The module also has two short quizzes to test your knowledge and understanding.

What is the ‘Level Up Your Local SEO with BrightLocal’ course about?

The ‘Level Up Your Local SEO with BrightLocal’ course uses the power of interactive content to guide you through the theory of local SEO and shows you how to tackle it more effectively using BrightLocal.

So if you’re not sure where to start with BrightLocal, or want to uncover new insights in your data to improve results quicker, then this is the course for you! 

How can I access the new module?

BrightLocal Academy Members

If you’re already enrolled on the Level Up Your Local SEO with BrightLocal course, simply click here and sign in to complete the module called ‘Put your rankings on the map with Local Search Grid’.

If you’ve already taken the final exam, then there’s no need to do this again. Simply watch the three lesson videos and take the short quizzes within the module to test what you’ve learned. 

If you’re not enrolled on the Level…

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