New Google Search Advisory:  Extreme Heat Alerts

Google has announced a series of measures to provide up-to-date and actionable information to help people and cities cope with rising temperatures due to climate change.

These initiatives include new extreme heat alerts on Google Search, the expansion of the Tree Canopy tool for urban planning, and a $5 million investment in the World Resources Institute through the Impact Challenge for Climate Innovation.

New Extreme Heat Alerts In Google Search

As extreme weather events become more frequent, search interest in heat waves has also increased.

To provide accurate and useful information during such events, Google will introduce extreme heat alerts in Search in the coming months. Searchers will see details about the duration of a heat wave, tips to stay cool, and associated health risks.

Google is partnering with the Global Heat Health Information Network (GHHIN) to ensure reliable and relevant information.

AI-Powered Tools To Help Cities Combat Rising Temperatures

Urban areas often suffer from “heat islands” where higher temperatures are recorded due to heat-absorbing structures like roads and buildings.

To combat this issue, Google’s Tree Canopy tool, part of the Environmental Insights Explorer, uses AI and aerial imagery to help cities analyze tree coverage and plan urban forestry initiatives more effectively.

The Tree Canopy tool is now available in nearly 350 cities worldwide, with plans to expand to thousands more this year.

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